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Living as resistance: The limits of humanization and (re)imagining life-making as rebellion for black trans women in Pose
Household preparedness levels along the San Andreas Fault
CSU campus personnel perspectives of food insecurity
Nongovernmental organizations in Mexico: Impacts on food policies
Golden roads and unlimited devotion: following the Grateful Dead as religious pilgrimage
Shifting to conocimiento: A qualitative study on rhetorical vulnerability in first-generation Latinx experiences
Seedling survivorship following the post-fire reforestation in a mixed conifer forest in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Southern California
Ecosystem service assessment and mapping with Pacific Northwest National Forest stakeholders
The tale of Western Chitwan community forests: Historical vegetation dynamics and the challenges with the invasion of mikania micrantha
A model-based evaluation of the impacts of human mobility and behavior on vector-borne disease transmissions: Implications for disease prevention and control
Tulips and the caged nightingale: The rhetoric of coded dissent performed in the Iranian public sphere
Writing from the left: A proposed democratic introduction to writing curriculum with a focus on capitalist critique
A history of the British Museum's repatration debates of the Parthenon and Benin bronzes
Monitoring cropping systems in California's Imperial Valley using a tri-space approach
Gender and power: A theoretical analysis of gendered prison work programs
Imaginarios de nación en la simbología de cuatro novelas Latinoamericanas
Hydrologic change along the All-American Canal in California’s Imperial Valley
Philosophy and praxis of multilingual tutors
Daltônico: The myth of Brazil's "racial democracy"
Imperialism: Alive and well in the Democratic Republic of the Congo