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Forests mitigate drought in an agricultural region of the Brazilian Amazon: Atmospheric moisture tracking to identify critical source areas
Education as an Equalizer in Domingo Sarmiento’s Educación Popular
The Emersonian heritage of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises
My eyes have seen the glory: A comparison of medical care given by Union and Confederate hospitals, 1861-1865
Deterritorialization, displacement, and an exploration of public and private domains in literature
Creating a "proper environment": The subversion of motherhood in classical Greek thought
Family planning and barriers to fertility in contemporary Cuba: An interdisciplinary, mixed methods approach
Sexuality, agency, and independence in the work of Aphra Behn, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Virginia Woolf
Early modern moriscos: Development of the crypto-Islamic identity in the Iberian peninsula
Living as resistance: The limits of humanization and (re)imagining life-making as rebellion for black trans women in Pose
Household preparedness levels along the San Andreas Fault
CSU campus personnel perspectives of food insecurity
Nongovernmental organizations in Mexico: Impacts on food policies
Golden roads and unlimited devotion: following the Grateful Dead as religious pilgrimage
Shifting to conocimiento: A qualitative study on rhetorical vulnerability in first-generation Latinx experiences
Seedling survivorship following the post-fire reforestation in a mixed conifer forest in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Southern California
Ecosystem service assessment and mapping with Pacific Northwest National Forest stakeholders
The tale of Western Chitwan community forests: Historical vegetation dynamics and the challenges with the invasion of mikania micrantha
A model-based evaluation of the impacts of human mobility and behavior on vector-borne disease transmissions: Implications for disease prevention and control
Tulips and the caged nightingale: The rhetoric of coded dissent performed in the Iranian public sphere