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Stock market forecasting using fuzzy logic
Modification of anxiety sensitivity and P300 using an interpretation modification program
Robotic person following using stereo depth sensing and person recognition
Term calculus and a general formal language
Bacteriophages and the functional manipulation of marine microbial communities
Computational analysis of the thermodynamics and kinetics of hydrocarbon radical intermediates
Relationship between specific capacity, transmissivity, and well capacity in fractured crystalline rock
Simulator for an augmented reality application for display of environmental pollution data
A functional connectivity MRI study of network sculpting in autism spectrum disorders
Petrology and emplacement of the Long Potrero pluton: A tail of one tonalite
Mechanistic study of hydrogen bonding and proton coupled electron transfer in two separate redox systems, each containing a phenylenediamine derivative
Empirical parameter estimate strategies in dynamic system for bacteriophage lambda integrase-mediated recombination
Problem severity and treatment goal agreement between parents and youth in Latino families
Interactive application for proteomics using Cloud
Measuring time delays in strongly lensed quasars using wide-field survey data
Later eocene (uintan) lizards from the greater San Diego area, California
Macro-organisms influence coral reef microbial communities via shedding and induction
Classification of glioblastoma multiforme genomic subtypes using three-dimensional multiparametric MR imaging features
Genetic and phenotypic analysis of Gammaproteobacteria
Geology of the Ruby Lake S.E., 7.5 minute quadrangle, White Pine County, Nevada