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An investigation of deformation of the stellar structure of neutron stars
An investigation of how elementary school teachers make data-driven instructional decisions in literacy
An investigation of the effects of writing instruction in an ungraded informal learning environment
An investigation of the interrelationship of selected variables for assessing the reclassification of limited-English proficient students
An investigation of the test-taking skills and associated thinking processes of ninth grade English language arts students
Analysis of Holliday junction-binding compounds
Analysis of allocated learning time for mainstreamed handicapped students
Analysis of the MotherToBaby cohort data, 2004-2014
Analysis, computation, and design of innovative high grain-feed reflector and beam steering antenna solutions
Analyzing Group B streptococcal and host factors influencing vaginal colonization and exploring therapeutic interventions
Analyzing best practices in the schooling of secondary-level Latino newcomer immigrant youth: A comparison study of two yearlong specialized programs
Analyzing the effects of political news consumption on perceived sense of belonging, GPA, and term-to-term persistence in community college
Anti-tobacco socialization and youth smoking initiation
Anxiety and cognition in Swedish twins: Genetic and environmental influences
Apathy in persons with HIV infection
Application-oriented coil design in wireless charging systems
Applications of high-frequency deterministic numerical simulations: Moving forward
Applications of machine learning in cancer prediction: Renal cell carcinoma and glioblastoma multiforme
Applied Health Diplomacy: Advancing the Science, Practice, and Tradecraft of Global Health Diplomacy to Facilitate More Effective Global Health Action