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A longitudinal study evaluating the effects of payments for ecosystem services on species richness
Reinforcing the stereotype: Media representation of African-American athletes and musicians
The social construction of essential workers: The COVID-19 impact on America's most vulnerable labor forces
News from Mexico: How newspapers from across the world covered the Second French Intervention in Mexico
Mental health outcomes of transgender and gender questioning people of color
"That doesn't strike me as Filipino": Navigating names, cultural identity, and rhetorical onomastics
Re-casting Jewish magic: Women and the potential for agency through magic
Philosophy & neoliberalism
Good for her: A contemporary analysis of the final girl trope through the lens of neoliberal feminism
Kings and clerics: A study on Persian ‘empire consciousness’ & lines of continuity in Iranian foreign policy
Negaciones literarias
The first line and the last frontier: Indigenous political organization, militarized landscapes, and Alaska in the global Cold War
Storytelling in music as a cultural immunogen
Parkland-based community gardens as a means of expanding access: Comparative case study of Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; and Santa Fe, NM
Las causas mediatas e inmediatas de la guerrilla en La patria celestial de Salvador Castañeda
Defense industry merger subsidization during the 1990s
For the love of the white man’s game: An analysis of race in contemporary Major League Baseball
A dollar for your life: The dehumanization of labor in capitalism
Baldwin IV of Jerusalem and the challenges and qualities of leadership