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Running head: Challenges for bi-sexual and gay Black men on college campuses
Degree aspirations of STEM majors that begin their educational journeys at community colleges
Hungry hungry hippocampus: Effects of overweight/obesity and risk for obesity on hippocampal structure and functioning in children and adolescents
Direct numerical simulations of a cambered NACA 65(1)-412 airfoil at low reynolds numbers: Flow separation, instabilities and lagrangian aerodynamics
Dual language immersion and student achievement: A program evaluation on the perceptions of staff, students, and parents
Using level Chinese in a dual language immersion classroom: A program evaluation
Agency and teacher attrition
Regulatory interactions governing peripheral nervous system specification in the ascidian ciona robusta
Selective methodologies for direct functionalization of arenes and heterocycles
Factors that influence the performance of complex behaviors in a terrestrial vertebrate: Variability in the kangaroo rat evasive leap
Exploring the relationship between teacher professional noticing and responsive teaching in experienced secondary science teachers
Gratitude as a principle leadership practice: An autoethnography
The genesis of student support services in California community colleges: A historical document analysis
The influence of classroom talk moves by facilitators during science professional development
Multiple stakeholder’s perceptions of science instructional coaching for novice educators in high-need secondary school
Noticing-for-equity: Using video clips to understand preservice secondary school mathematics teachers’ equitable noticing
Elementary special education teachers’ beliefs about mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning
Principal leadership and its impact on improved student growth outcomes in middle schools sites implementing professional learning communities: A program evaluation
Schools that bloom with tenacity: Planting schools in the soil of decolonial leadership