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Secondary teachers' professional noticing of students' mathematical thinking
Synthesis of nervous systems in hybrid robots utilizing hierarchical Q - Learning and temporal shifting
Investigating the instructional coaching model in a high-performing urban elementary school
Latent profile analysis-derived typologies of systemic sclerosis patients using body image indicators
24-hours of heart health: An analysis of sleep duration and cardiovascular disease in the OPACH cohort
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics, microbial bioenergetics, and community ecology
Social and economic determinants of sexual violence and related health outcomes
"It's not a choice": A critical analysis of systemic racism in faculty hiring practices in the community college from the perspective of faculty of color
Challenges of mother-tongue medium of instruction in rural Ethiopia
Bridging the genomic gaps: Genome-scale metabolic network tools for bioinformatics analyses
A critical examination of dual-language science educators: Ideology, pedagogy, access, and equity
The impact of methamphetamine dependence, HIV, and frontal systems dysfunctions on the relationship between sexual risk intentions and behaviors
Influence of alcohol on cognitive functioning and neural functional connectivity in adolescents
California funding trends and shifts in leadership preparation - implications of policy for practice
Application-oriented coil design in wireless charging systems
Modeling phage-bacteria dynamics in mucus: An agent based approach to phage therapy
Markers of mild traumatic brain injury: Integration of in vivo myelin imaging, neuropsychological measures of processing speed, and subjective post-concussive symptoms
Identifying typologies of breast cancer patients based on multiple individual and contextual factors for timely treatment initiation
Transforming precalculus to calculus 2: A longitudinal study of social and structural change in a university mathematics department
New insights into the assembly mechanism of an rna polymerase III-specific transcription complex on a drosophila U6 snRNA gene promoter