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The moderating effects of tobacco policies on the genetic contribution to smoking behaviors: a gene-environment study
The nutrition transition among adolescent females in Jordan
The potentiating effect that depression plays in the relationship between substance use and sexual minority status
The prevalence and demographics of alcohol use among community-dwelling older adults
The prevalence rate and risk factors associated with asymptomatic Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection among a cohort of HIV-positive men in the U.S. military
The psychological and mental health effects of COVID-19 on master of social work students
The push for a singleton gestation following in vitro fertilization : balancing the risk of multiples with risk of cycle failure
The relationship between body mass index and number of falls experienced among older adults in Mexico
The relationship between civic engagement and health and well-being among baby boomers and older adults in the 2006 Social Capital Community Survey
The relationship between frequency and location of deployments and post truamatic stress disorder in returning combat veterans
The relationship between maternal body image and the body image of their preadolescent children
The relationship between posture distortion patterns and static/dynamic balance ability
The relationship between school climate indicators and school-level chronic absenteeism
The relationship between sexual orientation, structural discrimination, and health-related quality of life
The relationship between substance use and missed medical appointments among women living with HIV/AIDS
The relationship between treatment satisfaction and health related quality of life in San Diego County funded mental health programs
The role of Girl Scout participation on body image satisfaction in adolescent girls
The role of biological volatilization in selenium removal by the Imperial Constructed Wetlands, Imperial, CA
The role of children, families, and acculturation on Latina mothers' dietary intake and behaviors
The role of chronic exposure to ambient air pollution in dementia and cognitive aging