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A signal integrity based rate adaption algorithm
A single standard de-embedding technique on low resistivity IC substrates
A smartphone-integrated, paper-microfluidic system for rapid and on-site screening of urinary tract infections
A square-root Nyquist filter design using minimax optimization
A stochastic algorithm for predicting long term cell migration in a 3D polymer matrix
A stochastic model for collective cell migration in realistic 3D extracellular matrix environments
A study of low density parity-check codes using systematic repeat-accumulate codes
A survey on channel modeling for vehicular communications
A system-level approach for achieving high spatial resolution noninvasive electrical neuromodulation and extracellular neural spike detection
A variable kinematic model for large deflection of functionally gradedvariable-stiffness composite laminates
Access control list implementation in TinyOS
Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system for Maine affordable housing
Adjusting local flood frequency discharges based on limited sampling periods with long-term regional flooding signals
Advances in W-Cu: New powder systems
Agricultural-waste biomass for high-surface area structures via nano-material synthesis and spark plasma sintering
Algal biomass harvesting using low-grade waste heat in flue gas
Aluminum nitride foam production from milled aluminum-titanium hydride powder using microwave radiation
Ambient sensor based respiratory rate sensing system
Ambient sensor based vital sign monitoring system
An AJAX based quiz management system