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Concatenative music synthesis by note separation using onset velocity detection and statistical models
Design of frequency tunable compact antenna and millimeter to terahertz array antennas
Performance of reflector antennas by employing triple mode feedhorn and a frequency reconfigurable spiral loaded planar dipole antenna
Comparative performance of JM and FFMPEG codecs of H.264 AVC video compression standard
A relational interval tree for efficient insertion and searching of transient mobile data
Non-uniform quasi-linear interpolation for direct digital frequency synthesizers
The virtual gournd fence : a micro-strip filtering method implemented into power filter design
Mobile network access device for use with the DHS advanced container security system
High frequency signal propagation in through silicon vias
Multiband microstrip slot antenna with multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) implementation for handheld devices
User-controlled adaptive video streaming
QoS fairness for low priority traffic
Auction based resource allocation in WiMAX
Interference mitigation techniques for heterogeneous network
Design and analysis of frequency reconfigurable compact spirograph planar monopole antenna (SPMA) elements for a beam scanning array
Real-time indoor geolocation tracking for assisted healthcare facilities
Real-time traffic monitoring and SQL injection attack detection for edge networks
Design and implementation of hardware architectures for neural signal processing
Ancillary services of plug-in electric vehicle for frequency and voltage profile support