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Correlates of physical activity, vigorous physical activity, and walking among first-generation Koreans in California
Assessing the influence of a Latino faith-based program on the health practices of congregants, youth leaders, and organization
Assessment of hematological toxicity associated with combining classical chemotherapeutic and targeted cancer drugs
Self-rated health status and smoking
Effects of funding on electroconvulsive therapy in California
The influence of an alcohol intervention on the use of contraception among low-income women
Hand-held oxidation-reduction potential meter for use as an indicator of swimming pool water quality
Correlates of self-reported mental health status in single mothers using 2009 BRFSS data
Racial/ethnic and socioeconomic factors associated with glycemic control in youth with diabetes
A look at whether housing status impacts the likelihood of San Diego injection drug users to seek treatment for heroin addiction
Analysis of adverse outcomes in group A Streptococcal necrotizing fasciitis cases in San Diego County, CA, 1994-2007
Hantavirus in rodents of San Diego County in relation to the El Niño-Southern oscillation (Enso)
Criteria pollutant emissions due to delays at the San Diego County-Baja California crossings
Validation of a traffic exposure questionnaire for pregnant women living in Tijuana, B.C.
Analysis of factors associated with intimate partner violence among Asian Americans
Effect of MTBE on CYP19 (aromatase) activity and total P450 in male Sprague-Dawley rats following fourteen day gavage exposure
Factors associated with effective help-seeking behavior among homeless persons: A cross-sectional study of San Diego's street homeless population
Cell culture studies of xanthopterin and isoxanthopterin
Are demographic, behavioral, acculturation and environmental risk factors associated with adolescent obesity in CHIS 2007 data?
Biological Control of Mosquitoes of Disease in San Diego County