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Synthesis of extremely hindered imidazolylphosphine ligands for catalysis and fluorinated dendrimers for ¹⁹F MRI
Synthesis of macrocyclic anticancer agents : Sansalvamide A derivatives and Urukthapelstatin A
Synthesis of resorufin nucleoside and photophysical studies of tricyclic cytidine analogues in oligonucleotides
Synthesis, optical properties, and surface modification of magic- size semiconductor nanocrystals, nanowires and nanoplatelets
The complexation method : coordination of trialkylboranes
Towards the synthesis of transition-metal nitrides : potential single-molecule magnets
Use of a redox-responsive 4 H-Bond Ureidopyrimidone (UPy) array to control polymerization in a UPy-based supramolecular polymer
Using electron-transfer induced proton transfer to control binding strength in H-bond dimers
Using metabolomics to examine dihydromyricetin’s effects on ethanol metabolism and toxicity
X-ray crystal structures of two thermostable metal binding variants of streptococcal Protein Gβ1 domain