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Relationship between body image discrepancy and intuitive eating
Physical Activity and the Fear of Crime in Neighborhoods in Older Adults
Association Between Acculturation And Intuitive Eating Among Latina Women
Comparison of the numbers of readmissions among mental health, substance abuse, and all other diagnoses in San Diego County residents
Using principal component analysis of biopsy spatial variables for prostate cancer predictive modeling
The nutrition transition among adolescent females in Jordan
Family perspectives of a parent-implemented blended intervention approach for young children at-risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Demographic correlates of measles vaccine noncompliance using the National Immunization Survey 2011 data
SLAMM (Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model) modeling of the effects of sea level rise on coastal wetland habitats of San Diego County
Associations of employment status and smoking behavior among U.S. adults over 18 years of age in 2008 - 2011
The relationship between civic engagement and health and well-being among baby boomers and older adults in the 2006 Social Capital Community Survey
Assessment of the potential health hazardous chemicals in house hold dust
Correlates of prior hepatitis C antibody testing among injection drug users in San Diego, CA
The Role of Social Support in a Chronic Disease Patient Navigation Program among a Latino/Hispanic and Somali Refugee Population
Investigation Of Excessive Weight Management Behaviors Among Female Exotic Dancers In San Diego County
Assessing the association between risky sexual behaviors and Hepatitis C among drug users recently released from incarceration
The maintenance and role of arthritis related exercise self-efficacy in older adults
Spatial Measurements of Traffic Related Air Pollutants in San Ysidro, California, Using CitiSense: A Novel Mobile Air Quality Sensing System
Survival factors in children with central nervous system brain tumors in California between 1988 and 2009
Is there a significant association between depression and coronary heart disease in women over 35 in different regions of the United States?