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Home, School, and Community Resources Impacting Achievement for Low-Income Second-Generation Vietnamese American College Students
I/O stack optimization for non-volatile memory based storage systems
Identification and Modification of Fatty Acid Modifying Enzyme From Staphylococcus aureus
Identifying Typologies of Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Based on Multiple Indicators of Sleep and Fatigue
Impact of copper pollutants and environmental factors on predator-prey interactions in marine food chain
Implicit socioemotional modulation of working memory brain activity in schizophrenia
Influence of temperature on habitat use by East Pacific green turtles (chelonian mynas) in an urbanized environment
Interconnectedness of micronutrient deficiency and obesity in children : Impact of dual burden of nutritional disorders and two-hit insult
Interference and epidemiology of Rickettsia, endosymbionts and microbiomes within Longitarsus flea beetle and Dermacentor occidentalis tick hosts.
It's Not Easy Being Cheesy
Lannie Angel
Large-scale inference incorporating covariates and network dependence, with application to genome-wide association studies
Lights on, All is Well!
Linear Excitement
Living is Loving