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Conformational control: A strategy to increase kinase inhibitor selectivity
Conservation genetic assessment of the island night lizard, Xantusia riversiana, under contemporary and future environmental conditions
Context-Dependent Species Interactions in Seagrass Ecosystems
Controlled-source electromagnetic studies of the Southern California continental shelf
Coral Reef Microbes: The Influences of Benthic Primary Producers, Nutrient Availability, and Anthropogenic Stressors on Community Structure and Metabolism
Coxsackievirus and Idiopathic Heart Failure : Differentiation, Dissemination, and Death
Coxsackievirus pathogenesis in the neonatal central nervous system: Virus dissemination, the host response to infection, and the autophagic process during viral replication
Coxsackievirus persistence in the neonatal central nervous system: Investigating the interplay between the host response and viral persistence in neural stem and progenitor cells
Cross-ethnic examination of parenting behaviors in clinically anxious mothers and their relation to youth mental health status
Cross-layer schemes for enhancing H.264/AVC video quality over wireless channels
Culture and cognition: The relationship between self-construals and cognitive fluency
Data assimilation unit for the general curvilinear environmental model
Data management on non-volatile memory: from mobile applications to large-scale databases
Data-driven methods for low-energy nuclear theory
Defining the role of bacteriophage in mucosal immunity
Degenerate four-wave mixing interfaced with capillary electrophoresis as a bioanalytical method for small molecules, peptides, and proteins
Dependence of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Polymerase Function on Structural Flexibility and Domain-Domain Interactions
Design and Synthesis of Macrocyclic Peptides with Anti-Cancer Potency
Design and synthesis of bioactive macrocyclic natural products
Design of metal-controlled protein-protein interactions