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Frat boys of faith
Fundamentals of online education and its working model
GIS based seismic damage management
GIS multimedia teaching tool about Africa
GPS tracking tool
Gender differences in fruit and vegetable consumption and percent calories from fat among Latino immigrants in North Carolina
Gender differences in the association between depression and physical activity
Getting lost in 'The Woods' and how I found my way out : the costume design process of Into the woods
God with a gun : social-political determinants of post-apocalyptic cinema
High prevalence of childhood physical & sexual abuse in young injection drug users in San Diego County : ramifications for HCV infection
High rate techniques for PAPR reduction in OFDM systems
Hindi language keyboard with voice synthesis for iPhone (facebook and twitter integration)
How do transformational leaders reduce managerial stress? : a comparison of mediated and moderated models
IBBET : in band bandwidth estimation for LAN
Identification of alternative translation initiation sites : bioinformatic analysis of mammalian 5' UTR (location prediction of start sites)
Ideology in newspaper reporting : a cross-cultural analysis of transitivity choices
Implementing physical layer (PHY) of IEEE 802.15.4g standard with direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) using offset quadrature phase shift keying (O-QPSK)
Improving reverse vaccinology selection of bacterial vaccine candidates using a machine learning approach