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But I Thought She Liked Me: An Intervention Campaign for the Selective Information Processing of Nonverbal Refusal Cues by Undergraduate Males
Camp is magic: an ethnographic study of counselor performance at San Diego Girl Scout Camp
Camp it up!: Camp in the portrait photography of Daniela Rossell and Pierre et Gilles
Cancer may cause sarcasm: The use of sarcasm during oncology interviews
Candidate image : factoring in gender
Caring for the caregiver: Investigating stress through communication in an Alzheimer's support group
Carve me free of this wilderness
Centering women’s experiences and narratives within the pathways to desistance
Challenging gendered norms: Parents negotiating professional and personal roles
Changing positions
Changing the script : social scripts as featured on Fresh Off the Boat
Chaser: A Modern Film Noir
Civilization and its contents: Procedural rhetoric, nationalism, and civilization V
Claiming Insufficient Knowledge About Cancer: Understanding Moments When Physicians Don't Know About Cancer Care
Coast guard public affairs program history: The search for symmetry
College, roommates, and cohabitation: An understanding of roommate relationships, stress, and coping as explained through the transactional model of stress and coping
Communicating Engaged Pedagogy In Alternative Learning Spaces: Practices For Negotiating Teaching And Learning Challenges In A Museum Classroom
Communicating childbirth: A memorable messages and control theory approach
Communicating college athletic injuries