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The Surveillance Network
Learning Enhancement Through Music Education
GIS Tool on Fuel Resources of the American Continent
Predictors of Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy and Initiation in First-Time Breastfeeding Mothers: A Mixed-Method Pilot Study
Gender Differences In Risky Sexual Behaviors And Knowledge Of Hiv Transmission
The Potential Of Televisions In The Bedroom Increasing A Child'S Risk For Obesity Through Decreased Sleep Times
Non-Essentials For Urgent Living
Grid Navigation and Path Planning Algorithm Using a Proposed New Greedy Approach
Concurrent Programming Patterns For Scalable Network Platform Node.Js
Soil analysis of organic and inorganic contaminants in Goat Canyon (Cañon De Los Laureles), at the U.S-Mexico Border
The Curious Case of SN 2011dn: A Very Peculiar Type IA Supernova?
A review of the Federal Drug Administration's policy statement on new plant varieties and approval procedures for genetically modified food products
Temporal Dynamics of Microbial Communities on Public Restroom Surfaces
A critique of the au pair scheme in Norway: In light of neoliberalism
Reggio Emilia-Inspired Programs in the United States: What Does "Inspired" Really Mean?
Youth's Perceptions of Legitimacy and Procedural Justice in Juvenile Corrections: A Qualitative Study of the Transition From Confinement to Community
The Effect Of Fear On Civilian Populations: A Historical Case Study Of The Aerial Bombardment Of London During The Great War
Synchronization Requirements for Downlink Coordinated Mulitpoint Joint Transmission
Kurt Schumacker And The West German Rearmament Debate 1948-1952: The Rise Of U.S. Diplomatic And Media Angst