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Dual language immersion and student achievement: A program evaluation on the perceptions of staff, students, and parents
Agency and teacher attrition
Elementary response to intervention: A program evaluation of the perceptions of teachers and administrators
Gratitude as a principle leadership practice: An autoethnography
(Re)structuring opportunity: Examining the influence of transformative education on the critical consciousness development and occupational aspirations of community college students
The influence of community cultural wealth and Tauhi Vā on the navigation of Pacific Islanders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
School climate indicators and academic achievement: An investigation of vulnerable subgroups
STEM equity: Access and success in a novel community college baccalaureate
Keeping high schools relevant in a global, innovative, and tech ubiquitous society
Creating 21st century schools qualifying exams
Analyzing the effects of political news consumption on perceived sense of belonging, GPA, and term-to-term persistence in community college
Get the 'f' outta here: Exploring contract grading as a decolonizing and equity-minded assessment practice in composition classrooms
Creating a trauma-informed college model for improving student success
Community cultural wealth, educational persistence, and justice-impacted students: A quantitative study utilizing the general social survey of 2012
MIXEDstakes? The investigation of the lack of multiracial disaggregation in a California Community College District
A for-credit elective course in mindfulness and compassion: Impacts on the mind, heart, and behaviors of postsecondary students
Pilots 2.0: A redesigned and refocused community and mental health outreach program for teens
Professional development for early childhood professionals: Examining change in the sensitivity and emotion socialization practices of students in a one-year training program
Teacher-student relationships and the effects on academic achievement with a focus on high school students as they prepare for college and career