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When is evil?: Secular theories of evil
What’s happening in the crowd? : analysis of crowdfunding contributor behaviors using the theory of planned behavior
What sociology teaches us about gender: the underlying messages within introduction to sociology textbooks
What remains
What now? : the post-graduate path of undocumented Mexican college students in California
What is all that noise? Mike Patton and the presence of Italian futurism
What are the children watching? : a look into the pacing and learning concepts of children's television
Wet chemical analysis of marine sediments: Application to hydrothermal sediments of Guaymas Basin
Western feminist imperialism in the "war on terror" and the "war on women"
West African currency union: Feasibility through re-composition
Welcome to my slumber party
Website for freeway evolution in San Diego County
Website for Center for Biopharmaceutical and Biodevice Development
Webeaucracy: the collaborative revolution
Web-based tool for visualization of online discourse events
Web-based geographic information system for international student tutor-mentor program
Web-based database support system for International Student Tutor-Mentor Program
Web version of a shapefile analysis
Web portal for the Center for Biopharmaceutical and Biodevice Development with blackboard features