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Techniques Utilized with Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Researching Pediatric Neurological Disease
The Association Between Peer Support and Age Among Cisgender Women Diagnosed With HIV
The Association Between Resting Blood Pressure and Sensitivity to Social Pain: a Preliminary Study
The Biased Gaze: Orientalist and Primitivist Depictions of the Female Nude
Spanish Letter Name and Sound Knowledge in Bilingual Preschoolers in Head Start
Spanish-English Bilingual Children’s Accuracy and Productivity of Verbs in Spanish
Sensitivity analysis of shell-model interactions
Simulated leaching and photodegradation of tire tread particle-derived compounds in natural water
“Minimizing the Number of Barriers”: how agencies pivoted to address food insecurity in San Diego County during the COVID-19 pandemic
Water Tunnel Flow Visualization: Endwall Effects on Vortices Over an Airfoil.
β-Glucuronidase Activity in the Gut Microbiome: Relationship to Sex and HPG Axis
“Cigarette smoke exposure effects on diaphragms susceptibility for ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction”
“Using Alphaproteobacteria to Uncover Novel Stimulants of Tubeworm Metamorphosis”
HCC organoid model in the Latino population
Response of antibiotic resistant bacteria during anammox treatment of pretreated municipal wastewater and landfill leachate
Needs Assessment of Mental and Emotional Support Available to Adolescent Refugees in School Settings in San Diego County
Informed consent: research studies and people with aphasia