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Assessment of industry participation in U.S. Department of Energy user facilities and proposed marketing efforts to increase engagement with the fusion energy industry
Indentation creep and hardness response of tin-alumina metal matrix composites
Mark-Making, the Internet, and Activism
Parent stress and parent-child interactions in children with a high likelihood of autism
Defense industry merger subsidization during the 1990s
The first line and the last frontier: Indigenous political organization, militarized landscapes, and Alaska in the global Cold War
Processing and mechanical behavior of novel tin hybrid [graphite-alumina] composite 3D printing filament
Tribological behavior of boron-doped nickel aluminides reinforced with carbon nanotubes (CNT)
Guns, sundown towns, and the multi-ethnic Old West: Nathan Harrison and firearm ownership in late 19th and early 20th century San Diego County
Deep learning architectures for skateboarder-pedestrian surrogate safety measures
Body of work
Portrayals of trauma in Irish and Polish literature as seen in the myth of the loss of Eden
Role of almonds in physical performance
Characterizing the impacts of fires on terrestrial hydrology in the Amazonian Rio Branco watershed
A novel method of rational function approximation using orthogonalized polynomials with real coefficients
Philosophy & neoliberalism
Redesigning and optimizing cold spray deposition for battery electrode fabrication
Good for her: A contemporary analysis of the final girl trope through the lens of neoliberal feminism
Las causas mediatas e inmediatas de la guerrilla en La patria celestial de Salvador Castañeda
For the love of the white man’s game: An analysis of race in contemporary Major League Baseball