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Challenging Boundaries: Exploring Academic Success And Marginal Identities
Twice Undocumented: The Role of Transnational Advocacy Groups in the Registration of Doubly Undocumented Oaxacan Migrants in California
The Politics of Space and the Creation of the Third: A Study of the Women's Parliamentary Caucus in Pakistan
The Wantok System, Scale and Vulnerability: Shaping Disaster Recovery in an Immigrant Community of the Western Solomon Islands
I Would Still Be Drowned In Tears: Spiritualism In Abraham Lincoln'S White House
Habitat Distribution For Non-Native Amazona Viridigenalis Within San Diego County Using Maxent Predictive Model
The Problem of Evil and Animal Suffering: An Objection to Theism
Striking the balance: Privacy and spatial pattern preservation in masked GPS data
Use of Ultra-High Resolution Imagery in the Estimation of Wildfire Fuel Load Across Chaparral Vegetation
Was Wright Wrong? An Examination of Airfares in Dallas After Partial Repeal of the Wright Amendment
Nuns, Witches, and Testators: Women's Agency and Spiritual Capital in New Spain
The Interpersonal is Political: Contesting and Negotiating Patriarchy Within the Chaldean Community
Against Kant's view of monogamy
Computational Simulation of Linguistic Change: An Agent-Based Model
Youth gangs and repressive anti-crime measures: The role of zero tolerance policing in Northern Central America
There Was... Something New! Do Information Status Constraints Guide Hearers' Expectations During Online Language Comprehension?
Comparison of chaparral regrowth patterns between Santa Ana wind-driven and non-Santa Ana fire areas
Variation In The Face And Goat Vowels Among Southern Californians
Associations between ever-smoking and tuberculosis among Hispanics residing in the United States
Early Archaeology on the Western Edge of Alta California: Malcolm Rogers' San Nicolas Island Collections