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Subfield Subcodes of Twisted Codes from Curves
Stability analysis of coupled spin torque nano oscillator
The linguistics performance of sexual identity by an openly gay Christian minister
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Latina/o Iraq Veteran's Articulations of Identity and Citizenship in the Contexts of Service and War
Spatial Measurements of Traffic Related Air Pollutants in San Ysidro, California, Using CitiSense: A Novel Mobile Air Quality Sensing System
Spectrum Sensing Based on Compressed Sampling
Drain Casting and Combustion Synthesis of Textured Ni-Ti Interfaces
Integrating First and Last Mile Access Measures in the Estimation of Light Rail Transit Ridership
Inter-annual variability in the growth and life history of the Antarctic euphausiid Thysanoessa macrura
Influence Of Ammonia And Macro-Molecules On The Toxicity And Adsorption Of Silver Nanoparticles To The Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria Nitrosomonas Europaea
Vortex Formation of the LVAD-Assisted Left Ventricle Studied in a Cardiac Simulator
The Decision to Reciprocate OCB: An Examination of the Influence of Individual, Relationship, and Help Characteristics
Solving Inverse Kinematics Problems by Decomposition, Classification and Simple Modeling
Neural Correlates of Repetitive Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorder
The Use of Compressive Sensing in Video
Bioassessment of San Diego Hydrologic Regions
Determining the Capacity of Deteriorated Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structures Under Seismic Loading
Magnetic properties of Sr_YRu__xrxO_ compounds
Flower Drum Song: Costume Design And Production Of A Cultural Musical
In Search of the American Dream: Undocumented Youth and the Journey North