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Study and design of video content analysis and object tracking technique
Study and analysis of AODV routing and SEEDEX MAC protocols
Structural analysis, modeling, and design of a reinforced concrete Afghan school under severe earthquake motions
Stress relaxation in heterogeneous sand mixtures
Stress prediction in turbine blades under forced excitation
Stress Analysis of Rotating Propellers Subject to Forced Excitations
Strength characteristics of a polymer bonded sand
Stormwater monitoring and modeling for oil and grease pollution in an urban watershed
Steerable hub-luss integrated propulsion system
Statistical precipitation downscaling model for Southern California developed using random forest: Evaluation of performance and impacts on hydrologic metrics
Spring Street Station-High Street Crossing Project
Spike detection algorithms for efficient hardware realization
Spectrum sensing and detection for cognitive radio system
Spectrum Sensing Based on Compressed Sampling
Spatial assessment of ecosystem impacts from recreational trails in the San Bernardino National Forest
Spark plasma sintering and spark plasma joining of refractory ceramics
Spark Plasma Extrusion of dual matrix aluminum-carbon nanotube composites
Solar still desalination of seawater with Fresnel lens
Software defined radio for interoperable radio network
Smart slice prioritization in H.264 AVC