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Development of a biomedical concept recognizer for the Gene Wiki
Functional and microbial characterization of a restored prairie soil microbiome
Genome-scale metabolic modeling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Comparative analysis of gene annotation tools
Bioinformatics approach to analyze racial disparities in cancers
Metagenomic analysis uncovers strong relationship between periodontal pathogens and vascular dysfunction in American Indian population
Building a pipeline for personalized cancer vaccine design
Transcriptomic analysis of heat tolerance in boechera depauperata and arabidopsis thaliana
A comparison of neuroimaging modalities in the effectiveness of predicting autism using conditional random forest
Genetic basis for aminoglycoside resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis
The recognition tool to identify phycodnaviridae from metagenomes
Point accepted mutation (PAM) and block substitution matrix (BLOSUM) interactive programs on kelleybioinfo.org
Data mining of two large transcriptomic data sets that utilize drosophila as a model system for the study of neurodegeneration due to aging and trauma
Optimizing the reconstruction of microbial population genomes from metagenomes
Clustering analysis of resting-state functional MRI data to identify possible subtypes of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Likelihood-based gap-filling of genome-scale metabolic models using K-MER distance evidence
A search for novel pyrazinamide resistance genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Cross study comparison of the effects on gut microbial diversity in a letrozole induced PCOS mouse model
Evaluation of effective usage of health information exchange
Developing quantitative abundance metrics for microbial communities