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Analysis, computation, and design of innovative high grain-feed reflector and beam steering antenna solutions
Seasonal impacts of climate change on the carbon balance of Alaskan Arctic Tundra ecosystems
Biophysical and biochemical applications of fluorescent tricyclic cytidine for nucleic acid labeling and DNA structural dynamics
Patterns and controls on the carbon cycle and shoulder season processes in the North American Arctic
Regulatory interactions governing peripheral nervous system specification in the ascidian ciona robusta
Selective methodologies for direct functionalization of arenes and heterocycles
120th Commencement: College of Sciences
Reconstructing coastal events recorded in ancient San Diego River delta deposits
Comparison of directivity effect on shallow and deep Sunda megathrust earthquakes
Directivity effect and surface wave comparison of a Hawaii shallow megathrust earthquake
Sediment transport and deposition of marine sands through the Silver Strand littoral cell
Geologic investigation of the Kirby Hills Fault along the Sacramento River
Total synthesis of marine natural products: Micromide, its analogs, and lagunamide A
Dynamic modeling of pulse-like earthquakes and ground motions
Exploring the global virome and deciphering the role of phages in cystic fibrosis
Cardiac interstitial cell fate in embryonic and neonatal microenvironments