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The effects of computer-mediated communication on friendship development and relationship maintenance behaviors
The effect of consumer-based brand equity on the evaluation of online political news media credibility
The dynamics of pain communication: Upgrading and downgrading painful descriptions during cancer care
The digital citizen’s pursuit of information during crises
The digipolitical animal: Investigating the memetic diffusion of political messages on Twitter
The development of strategies for teaching selected creative activities to elementary students in group piano lessons
The development of sight-reading exercises and procedures for a solfége-based piano curriculum for beginning students
The dark triad as a predictor of obsessive relational intrusion
The cornerstone of parents' wellbeing: Analyzing perceived support deficiencies of single parents compared to partnered parents
The communication of identities and socialization practices among Muslim mothers in the United States
The church: A screenplay
The chile film La Sangre Rojo y Verde de Nuevo Mexico
The challenge: The intersection of participatory fandom, identity negotiation, and interactivity in reality television
The brotherhood will not protect you : mapping (dis)empowering communication in military sexual trauma narratives
The bridge between worlds: A qualitative analysis of law enforcement liaisons and the Black communities in Southern California
The bond between public relations and brand loyalty: Exploring brand-public relationships
The answer is in walking
The Toy A/ Isles
The Sociology of Photojournalism: The Adoption of Video by Newspaper Staff Photographers
The San Diego Troubadour: Perspectives on a newspaper's link with local music