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Speaking for the understory: Quantifying the loss of benthic production on temperate rocky reefs
A cell-based assay that monitors proteolytic cleavage events at the cell surface
The role of non-neuronal acetylcholine and cholinergic lymphocytes in the murine lung during influeza infection
Rapid evolution in isolated habitats of the western United States: Morphological and genomic divergence in the Habronattus tarsalis species complex (Araneae, Salticidae)
A comparative genomics approach to investigate POU4 CIS-regulatory modules in the ascidian peripheral nervous system
Edge effects in estuarine habitat mosaics: An experimental test using restored eelgrass beds
Disentangling the effects of habitat characteristics and predation on red algae-associated invertebrate assemblages
Spatiotemporal variation in demersal micropedators on temperate rocky reefs and their impacts on fish swimming performance
Quantitative and facs analysis of bacterial and fungal communities in indoor environment
Molecular basis and amelioration of mutant lamin-induced skeletal muscle dysfunction in drosophila
In vitro generation of dentate gyrus-like organoids
The role of epigenetics in plant adaptation across an elevational cline in arabidopsis thaliana
Morphological evolution and diversification in the tanagers, the largest radiation of neotropical songbirds
Genomic features and adaptations of coral reef associated flavobacteriia
Monitoring proteolytic activity of West Nile Virus in a cell-based assay for novel drug discovery
Identifying therapeutic compounds that mitigate traumatic brain injury responses and the neural decline of the drosophila melanogaster nervous system
Ecophysiology of a non-native alga: Effects of abiotic conditions on invasion success of sargassum horneri
Cranial anatomy and systematics of the extinct River Dolphin parapontoporia and reconstrucution of ancestral habitat of odontocete cetaceans
Human cardiochimeras demonstrate enhanced functional properties
The effects of protein expression manipulation on muscle structure and function in inclusion body myopathy-3