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Comparing domain-specific contributions to corticostriatal tracts in autism spectrum disorders
Comparing verbal learning and memory profiles in Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease using the CVLT-II
Complaints about smoking in hotels: Information assymetry and consumer protection
Complex environments: Investigating community ethnic diversity and U.S. presidential elections
Compliance with tobacco policies in recreational parks across San Diego County communities
Concepts of illness among children of different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and genders
Contextual And Child History Predictors Of Internalizing And Externalizing Behavior Problems In Foster Children
Contributions of behavioral impairment to executive function deficits in children and adolescents with prenatal alcohol exposure
Coping profiles and health outcomes among individuals with systemic sclerosis : a latent profile analysis approach
Correlates of parental self-efficacy among kin and non-kin foster parents
Creation and validation of the sibling abuse scale
Cross-cultural differences in mindfulness concepts : a comparison between Ugandan Christians and American Buddhist meditators
Cultural coping in the context of maltreatment: Comparing African American, Latino, and White adolescents
Cultural moderation of the relationships between high-performance work systems and firm-level performance outcomes
Cultural moderators of the relationship between recovery activities and outcomes
Daily coping and adjustment: Within- and between- ethnic variation of Asian American and Caucasian college students
Dating violence and condom use consistency : a dyadic approach
Dating violence as a moderator in the relationship between child abuse and disordered eating
Detection of cognitive changes during the manifest and premanifest stages of Huntington’s disease using the repeatable battery for the assessment of neuropsychological status
Detection of tract-specific white matter compromise in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders using an automated tractography pipeline