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Education Technology Architecture: A study of district planning and implementation
Effects of professional development intervention on middle school principals to increase their knowledge of and ability to increase teacher efficacy
The role of the school district in Improving educational opportunities and outcomes for adolescent English language learners
Transforming school culture: teachers' perspectives of professional learning communities as a reform initiative to close the achievement gap
Teaching, learning, and writing in the third space: a study of language and culture intersecting with instruction
An exploration of the attitudes, values and beliefs of young SSI/DI beneficiaries at or near the completion of postsecondary education regarding self-sustaining employment
The intentionality of critical pedagogical teachers in public schools : passion, constraints, and contradictions
Optional pre-test HIV counseling in California : implications, applications and perceptions
Assessment of data systems, smoking and injury, and poor training outcomes in U.S. military recruit populations
Lifting as we climb: African American women's education experiences in the ivory tower
Giving voice to parents: the power of a few -- an exploratory case study of an urban school district through one critical event
Novel mixed organoboranes for the reductive alkylation of p-benzoquinone
Backward transfer: how mathematical understanding changes as one builds upon it
Cardiac progenitor cells support optimal heart function and repair
Analysis of Holliday junction-binding compounds
Large eddy simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flow in urban terrain : implications for transport of pollution and heat
Interactive effect of the serotonin transporter (5-HTTLPR) genotype and life stress predicting bipolar symptomatology
Coxsackievirus pathogenesis in the neonatal central nervous system: Virus dissemination, the host response to infection, and the autophagic process during viral replication
Development of bifunctional phosphines, metal complexes and catalysts for various organic transformations
Structural and functional studies of the Drosophila melanogaster snRNA activating protein complex (DmSNAPc)