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Mrs. Miller's evolution in teaching science as inquiry : a case study of a teacher's change in responsiveness
Study of vortex ring dynamics in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation utilizing GPU-accelerated high-order compact numerical integrators
The hidden strand of mathematical proficiency: Defining and assessing for productive disposition in elementary school teachers' mathematical content knowledge
The profile of prospective memory impairment in Parkinson's disease and implications for everyday functionin
From bottom-up to top-down : an fMRI study of language development
Symptom severity, treatment engagement, and outcomes for culturally diverse youth
Mechanisms of Coxsackievirus B3 dissemination and persistence in the Host : consequences for neurodegenerative disease
Cross-ethnic examination of parenting behaviors in clinically anxious mothers and their relation to youth mental health status
Treatment of experimental asthma using a novel peptide inhibitor of the inducible T cell kinase
Nitrogen relations among plant species in a semi-arid shrubland: Impacts of invasion and plant-soil feedbacks
Adolescent alcohol use and fMRI BOLD response: A longitudinal study
Use of retroviral peptide libraries for the identification of novel cellular targets of HIV-1 and the discovery of novel inhibitors
Investigating number sense development in a mathematics content course for prospective elementary teachers
The effects of age and metabolic status on cognitive performance
Therapeutic alliance and outcomes in usual care child psychotherapy
Prevalence and predictors of alcohol consumption among African American adults: Community-based participatory research approach
Reciprocal engagement between a scientist and visual displays
Simulated associating polymer networks
Alzheimer caregiving stress and atherosclerotic disease: Psychosocial and physiological pathways linking chronic stress to disease
Methods of mathematical struggle