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Optimized placement of LoRa nodes and gateway
Performance evaluation of a multi-leader-follower mobility model for uav swarm
Performance evaluation of prioritized H.264 video transmission over quality of service aware wireless ad hoc LAN
Position and attitude determination using deep learning object detection algorithms for autonomous aerial refueling
Predicting domestic energy consumption using inferencing at the edge
Predicting vehicle trajectories at intersections using advanced machine learning techniques
Prioritized video packet size evaluation in IEEE 802.11e wireless LAN
Proximity Mapping Sensor Application (PMSApp) for Android Framework
QoS aware on demand multipath routing schemes in MANET
Real Time Implementation of Audio Spectrogram on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
Real-time control of a multi-fingered robot hand using EMG signals
Real-time indoor geolocation tracking for assisted healthcare facilities
Real-time performance measurements for an FM ad hoc broadcast scheme
Regularization of singular sources for PSIC computations of particle-laden flows with shocks
Selection of glycan markers for cancer detection using causal feature selection algorithms
Self-interference cancelling in full-duplex transceivers
Simulating a high performance channel for reliable error rate an dpower metrics in a brain computer interface application
Simulation of variational quantum methods on a field programmable gate array
Smart slice prioritization in H.264 AVC
Spectrum Sensing Based on Compressed Sampling