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SEIRscape, an agent-based mosquito-human virus transmission framework, and the vector basis of dengue risk across Peru and Thailand
Sample Size Calculation for Three-Treatment Three-Period Cross-Over Design with Normal Response
Sedentary behavior and risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Semi-parametric estimation for random effects logistic regression model with surrogate outcomes
Shape analysis of odontocete mandibles: functional and evolutionary implications
Solving Inverse Problems By Decomposition, Classification And Simple Modeling: Extension To Ill-Conditioned Cases
Statistical inferences of climate regimes and extremes since 1895 using the monthly USHCN data
Statistical spatial predictions for monthly global surface air temperature from 1880 to 2015
Stochastic models for precipitable water in convection
Study of the impact of encoder parameters and unequal error protection scheme on hevc performance on fading channels
The Better To Eat You With: The Comparative Feeding Morphology And Evolution Of Feeding Strategies In Phocid Seals (Pinnipedia, Phocidae)
The Implementation of Learning Analytics in Assessing Course Redesigns for College Level Statistics Courses
The Reproductive Ecology of the Rare and Endangered Mexican Flannel Bush (Fremontodendron mexicanum)
The copper tolerance of bacteria associated with Macrocystis pyrifera
The crossroads of microbial diversity and metabolic capacity across coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean
The efficiency, robustness and carry-over under the crossover designs with binary outcomes
The impact of a high school entrance exam : a comparison of psychological indicators between those who have and have not passed the exit exam
The recognition tool to identify phycodnaviridae from metagenomes
Three approaches to inverse problem : solution clustering, solution branches and feedback control
USHCN data gridding, error estimation, and the changes of the extreme weather over the US since 1895