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Characterization of the long-term behavior of the Imperial and Brawley Faults, Imperial Valley, California
Characterizing an artificial-recharge site in a desert environment using time-domain
Characterizing the three dimensional spatial abilities of introductory geology lab students
Chemistry and petrology of a La Posta series soil: Weathering in a Mediterranean hot summer climate
Chemostratigraphy of bedded chert in the Peale Formation, northern Sierra Nevada, California: Implications for the transition from the antler to the Sonoman orogenic events
Chronology, morphology, and deformation of the marine terraces on San Clemente Island, California
Clay diagenesis in the overpressured zone of the frontier formation and Dakota sandstone
Clay mineralogy and hydrocarbon production in a portion of the Forbes Formation, Grimes gas field, Sacramento Basin, California
Clay mineralogy of granitic pegmatites in the Pala District, San Diego County, California
Clay mineralogy of the Delmar and Friars formations, San Diego County, California
Clay size mineral variations and their relationship to natural gas migration and accumulation in a section of the Forbes Formation Sacramento Valley, California
Clay-size CaCO3 and clay mineralogy of recent marine sediments: Southern California Continental Borderland
Climate-driven coastal morphodynamics along Southeast Queensland, Australia
Climatically dependent compositional variations in holocene sand derived from a granodiorite pluton
Coastal Warm Spring systems along Northeastern Baja California
Cokriging limited transmissivity data using widely sampled specific capacity from pump tests in a heterogeneous alluvial aquifer
Collinear dipole-dipole resistivity technique applied to the siting of crystalline rock water wells
Combined remote sensing and field investigations of major lithospheric compression in the Turkmenistan-Iran region of central Asia
Comparison of brittle vs. ductile surface deformation in an Alquist-Priolo earthquake fault zone: Examples from the Helendale Fault, San Bernardino County, California