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Study of vortex ring dynamics in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation utilizing GPU-accelerated high-order compact numerical integrators
Subflow: Simulating geological storage of CO2 using mimetic operators
Synchronization in Coupled Spin-Torque Nano Oscillators: Nonlinear Dynamics Analysis
Synthesis of nervous systems in hybrid robots utilizing hierarchical Q - Learning and temporal shifting
Systematic Investigation Of Operators In Nuclear Systems
The efficiency, robustness and carry-over under the crossover designs with binary outcomes
Toward optimal GPU utilization: Code-optimization of a simulation environment for vortex patch interactions and their influence on cnoidal waves using the scalFMM framework
Transformation and parameterization in latticekrig
Ultrashort pulse shaping in multilayered aluminum-doped zinc oxide metamaterials
Validation of a PETSc-based parallel general curvilinear coastal ocean model