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DSP Based Correction of Front End Analog Components in Digital Receivers
DSP Based Phase Lock Loops for Carrier and Timing Recovery at Low Signal to Noise Ratio
Deep learning architectures for skateboarder-pedestrian surrogate safety measures
Design and Development of Multiband Antennas for Portable Devices with MIMO Implementation
Design and analysis of a compact dielectric resonator circularly polarized antenna and four resonator bandpass filter at Ku-band for satellite communications applications
Design and analysis of frequency reconfigurable compact spirograph planar monopole antenna (SPMA) elements for a beam scanning array
Design and development of 5G spectrum massive MIMO array antennas for base station and access point application
Design and development of reconfigurable multi-element microstrip frequency agile antenna array
Design and evaluation of a novel reference-only predicted video quality metric
Design and implementation of a collision avoidance system for unmanned aerial vehicles
Design and implementation of a cross-layer TDMA-based routing scheme for directional mesh network
Design and implementation of constant envelope, continuous phase modem
Design and implementation of hardware architectures for neural signal processing
Design and implementation of hybrid-MAC for multi beam smart antennas in riverbed modeler
Design and implementation of unequal error protection scheme for wireless fading channels using LDPC codes for HEVC bitstream
Design of LTE testbed to implement green cellular algorithm
Design of QOS-aware distributed directional TDMA protocol for wireless networks
Design of a Novel ZigBee Receiver
Design of a unique EPG structure for common-mode filtering in differential signals
Design of an error concealment scheme for H.264 AVC video bitstream