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Optical photon extraction from an LYSO scintillator matrix for a 3D PET detector design
Quantifying the biological effects of FLASH radiotherapy with plasmid DNA
Al-doped zinc oxide waveguides at the epsilon near zero spectral point
Towards accurate dose accumulation in HDR cervical cancer brachytherapy
Efficient modeling of nuclei through coupling of proton and neutron wavefunctions
Magnetization transfer saturation imaging to monitor gender related differences in leg skeletal muscle
Emulating two-level quantum systems using coupled LC oscillators
A dose comparison of the posterior fossa between photon radiation therapy and proton radiation therapy for medulloblastoma
Knowledge-based planning for whole breast irradiation using tangential beams
Quantification of short T2* fraction and fat fraction in skeletal muscle
Compressed sensing simulations: Application to quantitative brain and skeletal muscle magnetic resonance imaging
Exploring dynamically-driven coupled LC oscillators as an experimental, semiclassical analog of a two-level atom
Superconducting properties of granulated Bi1.65Pb0.35Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ compounds
Hot nuclear matter and the properties of (proto-) neutron stars
Comparing classical and quantum radar: Investigating the theoretical basis and feasibility
A quantum engineering guide to microwave photonics and multiconductor transmission lines
Simulation of variational quantum methods on a field programmable gate array
Detection and differentiation of crude and refined oils using ultraviolet fluorescence spectroscopy
Improving nuclear mass predictions using machine learning algorithms
Computation of asymptotic normalization constants for alpha-particle removal