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Creation and validation of the sibling abuse scale
Everyday Obamas : how unattainable role models affect performance under threat
Narrative production and the development of executive function : a study of emergent literacy
The effects of choline on stress regulation in rats exposed to alcohol during development
The role of the insular cortex in chemosensory responses to ethanol
Relationship of optimism and pessimism to quality of life in patients with systemic sclerosis : moderators or mediators?
Predicting job performance and job satisfaction : an examination of the five-factor model of personality, polychronicity and role overload
The effect of a novel label on path recognition within an event
Neutral attention training, attention control, and anxiety
Cerebro-cerebellar resting state functional connectivity in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders
The relationship between brain development and spoken narrative in typical developing children and in children with high functioning autism
White matter integrity and executive dysfunction in children with heavy prenatal alcohol exposure : a diffusion tensor imaging study
Examining benefits of two-dimensional and three-dimensional displays
Verbal and nonverbal sequencing in children with specific language impairment
Age-related differences in the detection of metric and topological spatial change
The functional implications of motor, cognitive, psychiatric, and social problem-solving states in Huntington's disease
Effects of a peer-led educational intervention on support resources, self-effcacy, depression, beliefs, and self-management behaviors in Latinos with Type 2 diabetes
The influence of transformational leadership and leader attitudes on subordinate attitudes and implementation success
Attention networks in autism spectrum disorders : a study using resting state functional connectivity and the attention network test