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Assessment of Alzheimer's disease risk with structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging: an arterial spin labeling study
Assessment and intervention for bilingual children: A focus on the first language
Assessing the role of alcohol and intimate partner violence on HIV care and viral suppression in Uganda
Assessing a potential correlation between protein stability and function of the HMG domain of lymphoid enhancer binding factor-1
Assessing Regional Scale Fluxes of Mass, Momentum, and Energy with Small Environmental Research Aircraft
Assessing Inequality Using Geographic Income Distributions
Approach bias towards food cues: Investigating the impact of a food-specific approach avoidance task (aat-food) training on automatic action tendencies and food consumption in a laboratory paradigm
Applied Health Diplomacy: Advancing the Science, Practice, and Tradecraft of Global Health Diplomacy to Facilitate More Effective Global Health Action
Applications of machine learning in cancer prediction: Renal cell carcinoma and glioblastoma multiforme
Applications of high-frequency deterministic numerical simulations: Moving forward
Application-oriented coil design in wireless charging systems
Apathy in persons with HIV infection
Anxiety and cognition in Swedish twins: Genetic and environmental influences
Anti-tobacco socialization and youth smoking initiation
Analyzing best practices in the schooling of secondary-level Latino newcomer immigrant youth: A comparison study of two yearlong specialized programs
Analyzing Group B streptococcal and host factors influencing vaginal colonization and exploring therapeutic interventions
Analysis, computation, and design of innovative high grain-feed reflector and beam steering antenna solutions
Analysis of the MotherToBaby cohort data, 2004-2014
Analysis of allocated learning time for mainstreamed handicapped students
Analysis of Holliday junction-binding compounds