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Ancient Egypt
Analyzing, manipulating and documentation on Oracle GeoRaster objects using Map Builder and Visualize it on Map Viewer
Analyzing big data of crime using Hadoop
Analysis of machine learning upscaling algorithms for wireless packet loss
Analysis and evaluation of data mining integration into data warehousing
Analysis and debugging of OEM's
An investigation on evolution of an artificial intelligence based player in Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
An interactive mitochondrial database
An interactive history and geography of Mexico using map objects for Java
An interactive economic GIS tool for Europe using map objects for Java
An interactive GIS based tool on significant and memorable events of baseball history
An interactive GIS based tool on Chinese history and its topography
An inter-disk wear-leveling strategy for flash SSD disk arrays
An intelligent healthcare data management system for mobile environment
An insight on a mobile friendly web
An indoor navigation aid for visually impaired
An examination of Counter-Free Automata
An efficient location information management system (LIMS) for smartphone applications
An approach to solving current and future data warehousing big data problems
An alternative data structure to line sweep algorithm