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A VLT/FORS2 narrowband imaging search for MgII emission around z ∼ 0.7 galaxies
A Monte Carlo simulation of the Compton camera
A KdV-SIR equation and analytical solutions: Relationship to the non-dissipative Lorenz model and an application for COVID-19 data analysis
A JavaScript framework for web page layouts
A Geant4 model of backscatter security imaging systems
A GPR survey of the Danning Strand, Palm Springs, CA
A GIS tool to demonstrate ancient Harappan civilization
A DSpace mobile theme for San Diego State University
A Bridgerian age flora from Del Mar, California
A Bayesian hierarchical model for remote sensing analyses with categorical outcomes
A 7000 year record of paleoearthquakes on the central Garlock fault, near El Paso Peaks, California
A 3-dimensional general curvilinear coastal ocean model: Grid generation and application within San Diego Bay
65 years of India's independence
5G threats and opportunities
500 year rupture history of the Imperial fault at the international border through analysis of faulted Lake Cahuilla sediments, carbon-14 data, and climate data
3D visualization of conic sections in XNA game programming framework
2D filtering based on voronoi fourier supports
120th Commencement: College of Sciences
119th Commencement: College of Sciences
108th Commencement: College of Sciences