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A comparative analysis of interpolation techniques for estimating transmissivities in San Antonio Creek Valley, Santa Barbara County, California
A commutative algebraic approach to Hamiltonians and graphs
A classification and study of intersective polynomials
A cellular based assay to monitor the cleavage of the extracellular matrix by matrix metalloproteinases as a tool for drug discovery against metastasis
A cellular assay to monitor proteolytic activity of Dengue virus protease on host proteins
A cell-based assay to monitor the proteolytic activity of the chikungunya virus capsid protein to facilitate antiviral discovery
A cell-based assay that monitors proteolytic cleavage events at the cell surface
A cell-based assay that interrogates Dengue virus pre-membrane protein maturation as a therapeutic target
A cell based assay for the discovery of West Nile Virus protease inhibitors
A bioinformatics approach to developing an EMAST mouse model
A bioinformatics approach for dengue and Zika virus substrate discovery within the human proteome
A biogeographic approach to understanding burrowing crab impacts on an ecologically important salt marsh plant
A Visual Basic solute transport program
A VLT/FORS2 narrowband imaging search for MgII emission around z ∼ 0.7 galaxies
A Monte Carlo simulation of the Compton camera
A KdV-SIR equation and analytical solutions: Relationship to the non-dissipative Lorenz model and an application for COVID-19 data analysis
A JavaScript framework for web page layouts
A Geant4 model of backscatter security imaging systems
A GPR survey of the Danning Strand, Palm Springs, CA
A GIS tool to demonstrate ancient Harappan civilization