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Aging-related post-translational modifications of myosin influence severity of sarcopenia and may be ameliorated by FOXO overexpression
Qualitative case study analysis of influencing agents supporting undergraduate research experiences in chemistry and biochemistry
Nonlinear multi-photon laser wave-mixing spectroscopy for sensitive detection of heart-failure biomarkers and hemoprotein oxygen saturation levels
Factoring polynomials In numerical semigroup algebras
Introgression and the evolution of the Habronattus americanus subgroup (F. Salticidae), with particular consideration of multiple patterns of discordance
Role of macrophages in activation of NF-κB in ovarian tumor-initiating cells
Assessing Regional Scale Fluxes of Mass, Momentum, and Energy with Small Environmental Research Aircraft
Effects of vegetation, soil moisture, and ecosystem development on landscape-scale CO_ and CH_ exchange from Arctic coastal tundra
Air-sea CO2 exchange of the coastal marine zone
An invasive alga as a potential subsidy disruptor in beach wrack-associated assemblages
A study on quantifying effective training of DLDMD
Simulation of variational quantum methods on a field programmable gate array
Fathering identity and roles: Associations with parenting stress, discipline, and children’s behavior problems
Detection and differentiation of crude and refined oils using ultraviolet fluorescence spectroscopy
Identifying characteristics of adolescent binge-drinkers from multi-modal datasources using various statistical models
Biophysical investigations of peptide and silica nanoparticle induced lipid membrane curvature
Expected behavior of randomly selected numerical semigroups
A Bayesian hierarchical model for remote sensing analyses with categorical outcomes
Synthesis of resorufin nucleoside and photophysical studies of tricyclic cytidine analogues in oligonucleotides
Development of machine learning algorithms for low-resolution MIMO signal processing