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Using Drosophila to characterize the acute and long-term molecular and physiological responses in the adult nervous system following mild traumatic brain injury
Using MHC binding assays to investigate HLA-dependent drug directed immune responses
Using an avian visual model to assess the evolution of sexual dichromatism in tanagers
VAX014 efficacy in the B16F10 mouse melanoma model: A novel oncolytic immunotherapy for melanoma
Vertical and lateral carbon flux in a desert shrubland near La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Viral community function across microbial ecosystems
Viral metagenomics in host-associated systems
Virulent and temperate viruses: The two faces of evil
Virus Induced Formation Of Extracellular Microvesicles During Coxsackievirus Dissemination In The Host
Viruses, corals and the origin of metazoans
Visitor activities and awareness of marine protected areas and species composition at rocky intertidal sites in San Diego, CA
Who is there and what are they doing? An agile and computationally efficient framework for genome discovery and annotation from metagenomic big data
Zonal and tidal effects on trace gas flux from a mangrove ecosystem In B.C.S., Mexico