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A microfluidic chaotic mixer for cancer stem cell immunocapture and release
A microfluidic platform incorporating inertial focusing and chaotic mixing for immunocapture and release of rare cancer cells
A novel approach to beam steering using arrays composed of multiple unique radiating modes
A novel approach to characterization of frequency dependent losses in transmission lines
A novel high-throughput FFT architecture for wireless communication systems
A novel method of rational function approximation using orthogonalized polynomials with real coefficients
A novel wideband stepped impedance filter for suppression of common-mode noise in differential lines
A numerical investigation into robustness of progressive failure of composite laminates under pin bearing loads
A numerical investigation of radiation feedback in different regimes of opposed-flow flame spread
A parametric approach to Tesla turbine design for the organic rankine cycle
A physical system analysis and evaluation of a conventional air conditioning system with a solar thermal contribution
A priority aware buffer management scheme for H.264 video over MANET
A priority based MAC protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)
A quantitative analysis of supplier quality in the engineer-procure-construct industry
A queuing mechanism for H.264 video in MANET
A real time closed loop brain computer interface system
A real time power update scheme for the smart grid using TV white space
A reconfigurable hardware implementation for the principal component analysis
A relational interval tree for efficient insertion and searching of transient mobile data
A rich internet application for nozzle flow structure