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Digging beneath the surface behavioral and neural indices of lexical access during idiom comprehension in aphasia : a multi-modal approach
Unpacking mobility, sex trafficking, and HIV vulnerability in two Mexico-U.S. border cities
Examining contextual settings to explain gender differences in cigarette and alcohol use among Asian immigrants : work, hospitality venues, and household settings
Combat-related blast injuries: Injury types and outcomes
Investigations of attention in autism spectrum disorder: are anomalies in attention related to the development of sociocommunicative impairments?
Diabetes and breast cancer: the Women's Healthy Eating & Living Study
A proactive smoking cessation intervention with hospitalized smokers: A randomized controlled trial
Predictors of reported transmission risk behaviors post HIV diagnosis in an HIV+ sample receiving care in Tijuana, Mexico
Early substance use experiences and trajectories leading to injection drug use among male and female current injection drug users in the Mexico-US Border Region
When environments collide: The role of social identity and drinking among working students
Prenatal alcohol exposure pattern and timing and minor structural malformations and growth deficiencies
A system for observing fitness instruction time in group-exercise classes (SOFIT-X)
A cross-sectional analysis of the factors of violation of Maine's legislation prohibiting smoking in vehicles containing children
Characteristics associated with child compliance to accelerometer measurement
The association of body composition measures with cardiometabolic risk factors in a sample of Mexican adults
County socioeconomic characteristics and differences in survival and stage at diagnosis among black and white women with endometrial cancer
Assessment of potential biomarkers for detecting immune-mediated drug-induced liver injury in the modified lymphocyte transformation test
An assay of tumor control, toxicity and sequelae as a means of evaluating a hypofractionated SBRT treatment protocol for early stage prostate carcinoma: A Phase I trial
Identification of key kinases associated with bone marrow toxicity
An analysis of community-level chronic disease mortality rates and demographics to assess health disparities between San Diego County communities