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The role of gender in experiences of substance use-related stigma and injection drug use initiation processes: An intersectional approach
Modeling impact and cost-effectiveness of strategies for hepatitis c virus (HCV) prevention and treatment in high-risk populations in low- and middle-income settings
Social network effects on health : a multilayered approach
Digging beneath the surface behavioral and neural indices of lexical access during idiom comprehension in aphasia : a multi-modal approach
Unpacking mobility, sex trafficking, and HIV vulnerability in two Mexico-U.S. border cities
Examining contextual settings to explain gender differences in cigarette and alcohol use among Asian immigrants : work, hospitality venues, and household settings
Perceived Discrimination, Substance Use and Mental Health : A Study of Latinos in six U.S. communities and the Town of Tunkás, Yucatán, México
More than Words: Lexical Processing during Sentence Comprehension in Broca's Aphasia
Malaria In The Peruvian Amazon
A wearable sensor (Fitbit One) and text-messaging to promote physical activity and participants' level of engagement (a randomized controlled feasibility trial)
Component skills of reading and writing in Spanish-speaking English learners
Cardiovascular risk factors among Latinos: Select behavioral and social determinants of health
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Drug Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in a Multisite Cohort Study
Social and Structural Conditions of Deportation That Influence HIV Risk Among Mexican Deportees Who Inject Drugs in the US-Mexico Border
How social networks help college students trying to lose weight
Intersensory redundancy processing in adults with and without SLI
Cigarette smoking and Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among persons who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico
Global governance and diplomacy solutions for counterfeit medicines
A real-time intervention to improve household air quality among low-income families
Racial and ethnic disparities in total knee arthroplasty utilization and outcomes among older women