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The undead ingestion of the self : cannibalistic identity formation and ghoulish subjectivity in zombie literature
Restoring the role of the author through technotextual metafiction
The stolen sovereignty of the pacific: a rhetorical anaylsis of racial injustices and systemic hierarchy in Rice v Cayetano (2000)
Feed, jam alerts, and the promise of the science fiction dystopia
The Wilson 2008 campaign: Vision and action
25 days, before antiquity; 33 nights - until infamy
Desert Dogs
Monstrous freedom : deviations, desires, and deconstructed dualities
Les fleurs du modernism : floral language in Mrs. Dalloway and Ulysses
Reel film force: A film program and service learning project
Joycean Paralysis within the works of D. H. Lawrence and E. M. Forster
The Gradations of Trauma: Exploring the Traumatic Aesthetic in British Modernist Literature
Jane Austen's World
Heterodox Voices In Traditional Conversations: Writing By Women As A Point Of Entry Into Traditional Jewish Conversations
Fear, Anxiety, and Systemic Violence: Leftovers from the Love-Hate Relationship with Capitalism in Millennial Narratives
Poetry Unscripted: How U.S. Inaugural Poetry and post-9/11 Poetry Should Serve to Challenge the Status Quo
Identifying the impact of major cultural events on general music consumption habits in the United States
Pride and memory
The evocative lyrics and blurry aesthetics of The National