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Introduction of non-linear models for characterization of shape and deformation statistics : application to contractility assessment of enzymatically isolated adult cardiocytes
The effects of reflective practice on teacher perceptions of work related stressors for early childhood educators
The chile film La Sangre Rojo y Verde de Nuevo Mexico
Cloud based file system on mobile devices
Zero spatial chirp vortices from supercontinuum modulation
Gender at the intersection of feminist and queer organizing in the post-Yugoslav context
An efficient location information management system (LIMS) for smartphone applications
Navigating the abyss : a queer Chicano semiotics of love and loss
Coupled fluid flow and radiation modeling of a small particle solar receiver
Scaling-up of new generation of 3D flexible organic solar cells
Influence of biological macromolecules on silver nanoparticle stability and toxicity to the ammonia oxidizing bacteria Nitrosomonas europaea
Using Coriolis force to facilitate molecular transportation and fluid mixing in CD microfluidics platform
Smartphones and android internals
Finite population association test for finite population
Fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in polystyrene foam in the marine environment
Argentina's transforming cattle rancher : a political economic look at instability and resilience
A probabilistic framework for the empirical mode decomposition and applications to precipitation data
Detect malodorous software pattern and refactor them
Auction based resource allocation in WiMAX
Interference mitigation techniques for heterogeneous network